The Foundation

The Stichting Investor Claims Against Fortis (“Foundation”) is an “open” foundation pursuant to Article 3:305a of the Dutch Civil Code. The Foundation’s purpose includes: (1) protecting the rights of all Fortis investors in the establishment of proper corporate governance; (2) pursuing any wrongdoing during the Relevant Period on the part of Fortis, its management, auditors and other advisors; (3) establishing and determining whether there was any legal liability on the part of Fortis, its former management, auditors and advisors in connection with the demise of the company in October 2008; (4) joining and participating in any public investigation such as the ongoing investigation by the Enterprise Chamber in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and, (5) obtaining compensation for all investors who suffered losses as a result of Fortis’ mismanagement and misrepresentations during the Relevant Period.

The Foundation was established in early 2010 upon the initiative of several large institutional investors who sustained substantial losses from their investments in Fortis and were interested in pursuing the goals outlined above.

Participation in the Foundation is now closed

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