Current Proceedings of the Foundation

The Foundation, as an Article 3:305a DCC Dutch foundation, has filed a complaint in Utrecht against Fortis/Ageas and various other defendants s as a representative action under Dutch law in the interests of its participants, and all Fortis investors in general, seeking a determination of liability on the part of Fortis/Ageas, its management, advisors and auditors at any time. The lawsuit has been ongoing since 2011 and is not expected to result in a judgment until 2013.

The Foundation has also joined a group of institutional investors seeking direct damages in a civil suit filed in August 2012 in Utrecht, and is seeking liability and damages in this suit based on certain assignment of claims and instructions to proceed on behalf of certain investors.

Fortis Investors Who Are Encouraged to Support the Foundation

While all investors in Qualifying Fortis Securities purchased in the Relevant Period are represented by the Foundation according to its articles, whether they are an active participant or not, the Foundation currently counts over 200 Active Participants which collectively purchased over 200 million shares of Fortis stock. Additional institutional investors or nominee shareholder/custodians are encouraged to join the Foundation, if they have purchased substantial amounts of Qualifing Fortis Securities (ISINs: US34956J3095, BE0003801181, NL0000300838 and US00844W1099) between May 29, 2007 and October 14, 2008 ("Relevant Period"); or (2) participated in the September 2007 Rights Issue; or, (3) participated in the June 2008 Accelerated Book-Building Offer altogether as "Qualifying Fortis Securities"). Please provide us with all transactions within the stated period as well as beginning and end holdings for the mentioned security IDs.

To become an Active Participant, please submit your transaction date (Transaction Template) and the Participation Agreement by email to

Relevant Documents:

Transaction Template

Participation Agreement